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"Miami-Based artist Véronique Côté plays in her studio, it's how she works."

- Loren Abate, ACSF

"Just as fairy tales, America can be wondrous, beautiful, scary and ridiculous all at the same time."

- Véronique Côté

Born in Quebec, Veronique Cote works in alternative textile and photography to create sketches of America as viewed by a foreigner. She perceives the mixture of traditionalism, corporate dominion, religious indoctrination, and kitsch that shapes American heritage as a truly surreal experience.


The juxtaposition of toys, childhood characters and artifacts with woodland creatures found in her art brings a comical tone to a capricious appraisement of our contemporary culture of war, discrimination, and violence. Cote sees America as a mix and match of the people that shape it, often eccentric, sometimes ethnocentric, but always as colorful as a granny square blanket.

Cote holds an MFA in Photography from SUNY Buffalo, a M.A. in Museum Studies from Harvard University, a BIA in Interdisciplinary Arts from the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, and a DEC in Science, Literature and Arts from the College de Jonquiere.

She is currently the Executive Director & Chief Curator at Bufalo's Center for Exploratory & Perceptual Arts (CEPA). She also teaches in the graduate and undergraduate programs at various universities.  

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