"Miami-Based artist Véronique Côté plays in her studio, it's how she works."

- Loren Abate, ACSF

"Just as fairy tales, America can be wondrous, beautiful, scary and ridiculous all at the same time."

- Véronique Côté

Born in Quebec, Miami-based artist Veronique Cote works in alternative textile and photography to create sketches of America as viewed by a foreigner. She perceives the mixture of traditionalism, corporate dominion, religious indoctrination and kitsch that shape American heritage as a truly surreal experience.


The juxtaposition of toys, childhood characters and artifacts with woodland creatures found in her art brings a comical tone to a capricious appraisement of our contemporary culture of war and violence. Cote sees America as a mix and match of the people that shape it, often ethnocentric, but always as colorful as a granny square blanket.

Cote holds an MFA in Photography from SUNY Buffalo, a M.A. in Museum Studies from Harvard university, a BIA in Interdisciplinary Arts from the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, and a DEC in Science, Literature and Arts from the College de Jonquiere.

Currently, Cote is employed at Pérez Art Museum Miami as the Internship Coordinator. She also teaches in the graduate and undergraduate programs at various universities.