Eat You Vegetables
On antique floral wallpapers, the woodland creatures of this series are threatening us with their vegetal weaponry.
Hook or Crook
Woodland creatures clad in crocheted outfits, soldiers and other vagaries.
Here My Pretties
An evil Snow White devours the birds that flock around her while her 7 friends are made up as silly Luchadores.
After Syria By the Sea
Installation work.
Peau d'Âne
The Donkey Skin project is a high power L.E.D. dress shining with an intensity both attractive and hurtful to the eye.
Big Bad Wolf
Arrow shaped cocktail stirrers are woven together into a Little Red Ridding Hood cloak.
Imaginary Bodies Projections
The Imaginary Bodies series display the distance between a real body, a perceived body and a desired body.
Foreign Bodies
The Foreign Bodies series establishes a connection between technology, biology and physical concepts.
ETWK News Network
The Everyone That We Know News Network is a news broadcast featuring daily reports on everyday life.
Time & Other Systems
Performance investigating the systemization and socialization of time and its implications in early childhood.
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